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Drawing on years of technical experience and know-how, we provide everything from risk diagnosis to lightning detection, forecasting and protection.
2-electrode arresters   2-electrode arresters   3-electrode arresters   3-electrode arresters   Surface-mounted arresters   Surface-mounted arresters
High voltage arresters   High voltage arresters   Earthing related products   Earthing related products   LAN SPD   SPD for LAN
Power supply SPD   Power supply SPD   pv   SPD for solar power generation systems   SPD for communication equipment   SPD for communication equipment
SPD for co-axial connectors   SPD for co-axial connectors   Lightning transformers   Lightning transformers   Railroad protective devices   Railroad protective devices
Explosion-proof SPD   Explosion-proof SPD   Semiconductor lightning protective elements   Semiconductor lightning protective elements   Lightning observation equipment   Lightning observation equipment
External lightning protection products   External lightning protection products   Safety devices   Protective devices   Consulting   Consulting

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Proving that our quality is internationally recognized Sankosha is ISO9001 / ISO14001 certified.