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Explosion-proof SPD EX-L 〔〕 type


Explosion-proof SPD EX-L 〔〕 type



This product is an explosion-proof SPD that is used to protect equipment from irregular voltage induced into power cables and communication and signal cables, etc., in explosion-proof areas such as petrochemical plants, heavy chemical plants, etc., and is a IEC 61643-21compliant SPD (surge protective device).


Category C2, D1 compliant
Certification of Explosion-proof is only applied in Japan. 
In other countries case, please consult to us. 

●IEC 61643-21 Category C2, D1 compliant CLP- 〔〕 type communication and signal SPD mounted
Main performance features
Item Measuring conditions Performance
Applicable circuit - Control circuit up to AC110V for transport line, measurement line, control circuits (balanced circuits)
Maximum continuous operating voltage  Uc - 180VDC 52VDC 170VDC
Voltage protection level Up 1.2/50μs・10kV 1300V 900V L-E 1000V
L-L 50V
Impulse durability Category C2
4kA (10 times )
(one line 2kA × 2)
10kA (10 times)
(one line5kA×2)
Category D1
2kA (2 times)
(one line 1kA×2)
5kA (2times)
(one line 2.5kA×2)
No. of SPD mounted   Max. 6 can be mounted in combination K2, N1, NM type combination max. 4



Item Measuring conditions Performance
Applicable circuit - 4 to 20mA circuit, used with all circuit voltages
Maximum continuous operating voltage  Uc - a 9VDC
b 13.5VDC
c 27VDC
d 52VDC
Voltage protection level Up 1.2/50μs・10kV a 40V
b 45V
c 60V
d 90V
Impulse durability Category C2
10kA (10 times)
 (one line 5kA×2)
Category D1
5kA (2 times)
(one line 2.5kA×2)
No. of SPD mounted   Max. 6 can be mounted in combination a to d type combination max. 2
● Selection of cable grounds and restricting plugs

Cable grounds should be selected to match the outer diameter of the cable.

Model No. Coupling screw TYPE Applicable cable range
Cable ground SXC-16BY G1/2 2 Φ7.0 to Φ10.0
1 Φ10.0 to Φ12.0
SXC-22BY G3/4 2 Φ12.0 to Φ14.0
1 Φ14.0 to Φ16.0
Restricting plug SBP-16 G1/2 If the cable ground has not been selected, do so here.
SBP-22 G3/4