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Earthing related products

Earthing related products  

At Sankosha, we work hard to ensure that our earthing products are highly corrosion resistant and long lasting.

Our product lineup includes conductive coated SAN-FLEX wire, SAN-FLEX kit and titanium belts.

And, we recommend the use of SAN-EARTH, a conductive concrete for reducing earth resistance.

SAN-EARTH is non-polluting and environmentally friendly, making it safe to use.

Earth SPD



(earth resistance reducing material)


Earth SPD   SAN-EARTH (earth resistance reducing material)   Home earth

MZG-EB type

MZS-EB type

Y20-EB type (earth balancer)


SAN-EARTH is used to reduce earth resistance.




This kit can be installed simply, providing earthing that has better quality and longer life than the conventional earth electrodes using rods and copper plates.






Spiral earth

San-flex wire   SAN-EARTH kit   Spiral earth

Strongly corrosion resistant earth electrodes


This earth kit is especially ideal for soil that is prone to DC stray current.


This method is used to achieve earth resistance in new concrete pillars.


Feathered earth


Underwater electrodes


Feathered earth   Underwater electrodes    

This method of earthing can reduce surge impedance.


This long lasting earthing method is ideal for lighthouses and other marine facilities.


Earthing consulting

Earthing consulting  
Earthing design is an indispensable part of earthing works.
Sankosha can provide a total package of support, from earth resistivity measurement to software-based soil analysis, optimal design and earthing installation work.

Earthing design


Earth resistivity measurement


Soil analysis

Earthing design   Earth resistivity measurement   Soil analysis

We study the optimal earthing installation methods after taking the various conditions into account (earth resistivity, site surface area, cost, topography, etc.).


Earth resistance varies proportionally with the resistivity of the earth and soil.
It is generally easier to achieve low earth resistance in areas where the earth resistivity is low.


Based on the results of earth resistivity measurements, we produce a ρ-a curve in order to calculate the average earth resistivity .


Earthing installation works


Earthing installation works        

We propose the best installation method after taking not only steady-state resistance into account, but also surge impedance reduction.


Construction methods to suit your needs

Construction methods to suit your needs  
We have a complete range of earthing installation methods that can respond to our customers’ wishes.
We will propose the best installation methods to suit the use of the facility and the purpose of the earthing, such as boring where there are site restrictions, or mesh earthing for surge impedance reduction, etc.

What about earth resistance reduction?


Pile driving method


SAN-EARTH boring



Pile driving method   SAN-EARTH boring   SAN-EARTH belt

A simple boring method using SAN-FLEX cable.


We drill deep underground and insert the earth electrodes and inject SAN-EARTH.


SAN-EARTH is laid around the earth electrodes to create a highly efficient earth electrode.


What about long life earthing?




SAN-FLEX wiring


SAN-EARTH TB   San-flex wiring    

This approach uses a titanium belt that gives the earth electrode excellent corrosion resistance.


Protecting earth electrodes with conductive wire covering enables long lasting earthing.


Earthing for concrete pillars?


Spiral earth


Spiral earth        

When concrete pillars are being installed, SAN-FLEX cable is wrapped around the base to provide efficient earthing.