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OM-6C type medium light intensity obstruction light (red)


Afterglow flicker circuit mounted

It uses LED as its light source and has an “afterglow flicker circuit” to give natural flickers which are similar to the ones from the conventional light bulb source (patent pending).

Electric power saving, small and light LED system

Compared to the conventional product which uses light bulbs (500W×2) as its light source, this product only uses about 1/25 of it (35W). Also, it weighs less than 11kg and the body is small and light, which lessens loads for workers to produce and makes it easier to install in the places where it is hard to do so.

Long life

The light life is 30,000 hours. It normally can operate more than 5 years without replacement.


Main performance features

Item Performance
Type Medium intensity (red)
Light source Ultra-bright LED
Flood light

Red flickers

(Afterglow flicker circuits mounted)

Maximum luminosity 2000 cd (candela) ±25%
Rated input voltage AC100V±10%
Effective power 35W±20%
Operating temperature −30oC to +50oC
Maximum wind speed 90m/sec
Rated life 30,000 hours
Mass Approx. 11kg