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Lightning strike observation device

Lightning strike observation device  

This unmanned device can take automatic photographs of lightning strikes.


Lightning strike observation camera


Lightning strike observation camera


This device is intended to be used for the unmanned and automatic photographing of lightning strikes and can capture any lightning strikes with a flash of 3msec or longer that occur within the camera’s angle of field (approx. 65º).

【Dimensions】 Approx. W 300 × D 180 × H 150 mm (excl. lenses and connectors)


Samples of photography by lightning camera

Lightning strike example

Main performance items

Item Spec.
Model PH700LG
Lenses Focal distance: 28 to 70 mm
Open F number: 3.5 to 4.5
Mount: Nikon mount
Film Length: 100ft (35 mm × 30.5 m)
Standard: ISO400/27°
No. of photographs: approx. 700
Film loading Special detachable magazine
No. of photographs: Approx. 700
Lightning detection sensor Elements: PIN-format transistors
Time accuracy GPS not set: ±2 min. or less per month
GPS set: ±10msec (when receiving GPS waves)
*GPS is optional
Built-in systems Motor drive
Camera control
Data memory CPU
GPS reader unit
Shutter Shutter open: 3msec (at 25℃)
Shutter open: 250msec.
Photographic range First and subsequent strikes of flash duration 3msec or longer
Power supply voltage DC12V, 6V (2 systems)
Weight 6kg (excl. lenses and connectors)