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Obstruction light

Obstruction light  

Obstruction lights are used for safety of planes during their flights.

Obstruction lights are required to meet strict standards as an aerial beacon. They need to be installed in a difficult environment such as outside and in high places. Our obstruction lights meet those standards, and also have long lives with an electric power saving function, and are highly evaluated.


OM-6C type

medium light intensity obstruction light (red)


OM-3C type 

low intensity obstruction light



OM-3B type

low intensity obstruction light


OM-6C   OM-3C   OM-3B

New generation obstruction lights with ultra-bright LED. It achieved a sharp cut of electric power and a long life compared to the conventional one with light bulbs.


We invented our obstruction lights with LED for the first time in Japan in 1994.The current model is light as about 2.5kg and uses only less than 10W.


It uses a neon tube as its light source and lights by electrostatically induced power obtained from insulated overhead ground wires of transmission towers.(*Only available for transmission towers.)