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Company history

2010s 2011 May Representative office opened in Beijing, China.
2010 June Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade by the US Department of Commerce for contributions to the sales of US products in Japan.
Online shop opened.
April 80th anniversary of company’s founding
2000s 2009 November Umbrella shaped lightning rod “Paracatch” registered by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a New Technology Information System (NETIS).
October The book “Thunder Terrorism” published as part of the company’s 80th anniversary celebrations.
Sankosha employee receives IEC 1906 Award from IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision).
August Awarded the 2nd Electrical Technology Award “Cornerstone of Electricity” for the development of the electric rice cooker by The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.
June Jointly awarded the Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan’s 21st Technology Award along with Taisei Corporation for the development of the “Lightning Electromagnetic Impulse Simulation in Buildings”.
2008   Sankosha employee awarded the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry’s Electrical Safety Merit Award, designed to honor those who have distinguished themselves in electrical safety, and to assist electrical safety systems.
Delivered new observation system (LLS-8000 series) to Kansai Electric Power Company, featuring a lightning location assessment function and cloud discharge capture function.
Developed “San Battery Monitor” system that allows battery degradation to be monitored remotely.
Developed “Lightning Surge 3D Electrical Field Analysis Simulator (FD-TD method)” which allows lightning current in a building to be displayed in 3D.
Developed high tolerance co-axial SPD, 20kA.
Established joint venture company Nanjing Chunguang Engineering.
2007   Successfully marketed Japan’s first tri-polar substrate surface mounted arrester (3SD4), successfully combining compact size and high tolerance.
Concluded general distributorship contract for Japan with US company Doble Engineering, and began sales and service of electrical equipment (transformers, switches, circuit breakers, etc.) degradation diagnostic devices.
Developed PoE enabled LAN SPD (NET Barrier PoE).
Sankosha employee awarded the Japan Electric Association’s Shibusawa Award in recognition of contributions to electrical safety through lightning protection countermeasures for electrical and electronic equipment, at the recommendation of the Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan.
2006   Established Yangjiang Sankosha Lightning-proof Communications Equipment Company in Yangjiang in Guangdong province, China.
Established the industry’s first lightning protection industrial association “Japan Lightning Protection System Industrial Association”, appointed director company of the Association, and the Association’s first chair of the Technology Committee.
2005   “Ghost Cutter” developed and sales begun.
New IEC compliant surge protection device developed.
Energy saving aircraft warning light OM-3C developed.
Umbrella shaped lightning rod “Paracatch” developed.
Housing grounding kit “Home Earth” developed.
Seminar held to celebrate 75th anniversary of company’s founding.
2004   TC track circuit protective device UP format and electrification pole grounding awarded First Prize and Merit Prize at Electricity Memorial Day Awards, held by Kanto Electrical Association.
Optical monitor device awarded Shibusawa Award.
2003   Sankosha Hong Kong Limited established in China (now Yangjiang Sankosha Lightning-proof Communications Equipment Company)
F type 3GHz co-axial lightning protection device developed and sales begun.
Simple monitoring system using webcam developed and sales begun.
Non contact simple optical cable identification device developed and sales begun.
2002   Sagami Factory renamed Sagami Techno-Center.
Environmental standard 14001 certification obtained.
Franklin Japan completes Japanese-developed Japan Lightning Detection Network (JLDN)
Business tie-up with Tokyo Marine to provide lightning and voltage drop consulting services.
Business tie-up with Shin Nisseki Engineering to provide comprehensive lightning protection system solutions.
Developed wireless LAN 5GHz co-axial lightning protection device.
Highly corrosion resistant grounding method adopted at Antarctic base.
High performance LCD monitors installed in metropolitan area JR stations.
2000   “Development and operation of Driven Arc Type Fault Current Limiter for 6.6kV class Distribution Lines” awarded 48th Electrical Science and Engineering Promotion Award (Ohm Technology Award).
1990s 1998   Supported the XVIII Olympic Winter Games in Nagano by using “Dual-Polarization Doppler Radar” to provide meteorological information.
Obtained ISO9001 quality standard certification.
Sankosha System Engineering established as an engineering company.
1996   Developed FN type safety device and lightning transformer for electronic interlocking devices for railway companies.
Developed optical coupler device.
1995   Established joint venture company “P.T. Santelind Kencana” in Indonesia.
1994   Established “Opto-Techno” as a company manufacturing optical related equipment and semiconductors.
Established Energy Saving Systems Dept.
Developed 1,000 fiber optical cable distribution board.
1992   Developed fiber optical cable closure.
1991   Established Hiroshima Office. (Now, Chugoku Office)
Established Franklin Japan as a meteorological information provider.
1990   Jointly developed Doppler radar for lightning detection and warning with US EEC.
1980s 1989   Awarded the Science and Technology Agency Director-General 's Award for research done in the field of wiring transfer system technology.
Awarded Shibusawa Award for the development of insulator contact type electroscope for 500kV transmission lines.
Established Hokuriku Office.
Developed touch panel command consoles for power companies.
1988   Concluded exclusive sales agreement with Krone for gas tube arresters.
Opened Osaka Office (now Kansai Office).
Opened Fukuoka Office (now Kyushu Office).
1987   Along with growth of optical fiber communications, began development of optical fiber connection boxes.
Established Sankosha USA Inc. in Los Angeles.
1985   Merged Koshinsha and Sanko Tsushinki and changed company name to Sankosha.
1984   Established Nagoya Office (now Chubu Office).
Developed optical IDF.
1983   Developed connection box for optical fiber subscribers.
1982   Ceramic arrester YX-08 adopted for use in electromagnetic induction countermeasure safety devices in Taiwan.
Jointly awarded Shibusawa Award together with TEPCO as the Group for the Development of Transmission Line Insulation Resistance Testers.
1981   Completed automated factory for the production of ceramic arresters.
1980   Developed transmission line insulation resistance testers.
1970s 1979   Commended by Signal Association of Japan for the development of track circuit unbalance rate meter for railways.
Awarded Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation’s Invention Promotion Award for “Multi-polar discharge tube and its manufacturing device”.
Established Sapporo Office (now Hokkaido Office).
1978   Established “Sankosha Engineering (S) Pte., Ltd” in Singapore.
1977   Sankosha Tshushinki.  Developed simultaneous broadcasting system.
1976   Awarded Ohm Award for transmission light aircraft warning lights using electrostatic induction.
1975   Developed optical fiber cable wiring board, OPGW optical fiber connection boxes, etc.
1972   Awarded Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation’s Invention Promotion Award for manufacturing method for gas-filled discharge tubes.
Developed UP-1 to 3 types for Sanyo Shinkansen ATC track circuits.
1970   Awarded Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation’s Invention Promotion Award for “Manufacturing Method for Gas-filled Discharge Tubes”.
1960s 1969   Developed high tolerance, compact hermetic button arrester T-08 type.
Koshina opens new plant in Omiya. Begins manufacture of mainly household electrical appliances.
1967   Developed wireless remote control apparatus.
In joint research with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, developed tri-polar lightning arrester for PCM communication lines.
Implemented transistor technology. Developed transistor type auto control apparatus.
1966   Developed distribution line fault section display device for detection of faults on distribution lines.
Developed lightning impulse generator No. 1.
1963   At the time of the construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen, supplied Japan National Railways with various types of protection devices and developed cable protection devices.
1961   Launched “Communications Equipment Industrial Association Wire Rod Conference”. Elected Chair.
1960   Opened Sagami Factory. (Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture)
1950s 1959   Developed automatic flashing device for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation telephone boxes.
1958   Established “Interconnection Box and Connecting Terminal Industrial Cooperative Association” as a group to supply materials to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. Elected first Chairman.
1957   Developed load dispatching desks for power system control. Supplied to power companies.
Established Sendai Office (now Tohoku Office).
1955   Koshinsha develops electric rice cooker. Supplies as Toshiba Electric Rice Cooker.
1952   Begins manufacture and sales of load dispatching desks and individual call telephones, mobile telephones, etc., for power companies, police agency, etc.
Awarded Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation’s Invention Award for protection devices for communication equipment.
1940s 1948   Developed self recovery type bimetal lightning arrester.
Improved design of S type lightning arresters for electrical power companies.
1947   Begins manufacture of R type protective devices. Becomes designated supply manufacturer for Japan National Railways.
1946   Begins manufacture of cable terminal boxes. Becomes designated supply manufacturer for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation.
1930s 1939   Sankosha reorganized as a stock company.
1932   Office relocates to Shinagawa in Tokyo, site of the current Head Office.
Sankosha founded in Meguro in Tokyo.
1930   Sankosha founded in Shiba in Tokyo.
Begins production and sales of terminal boxes, wiring boxes, etc.