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Greetings from the president


Since our establishment in 1930 and our early days as a manufacturer of gas tube arresters and protective devices for telecommunication systems, Sankosha Corporation has continuously evolved in response to the changing needs of society.

We established Franklin Japan Corporation as a lightning and weather information company with a nationwide network for monitoring lightning strikes, and built a strong position as a world leader in lightning-protection technology.

The recent advanced information society has seen more losses caused by lightning strikes, but our world-leading know-how enables us to offer the total lightning-protection systems based on risk research and maintenance.

We have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification as part of our drive for even higher standards of quality assurance and environment friendliness.

To expand our business and continuously develop new technology and security solutions, we have strengthened and expanded our procurement, production, and distribution systems in Asia.

With the corporate motto "Speedy and Secure", we provide cutting-edge technology and safety to advanced information society.

Masayoshi Ito, President

  Masayoshi Itoh, President